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Precision, Machine-Ready Blanks Manufacturer

DIX Metals saves time and money for any manufacturer requiring quality, prefabricated materials ground and/or machined to tight-tolerance specifications. DIX Metals is a premier provider of precision-cut, machine-ready blanks, 6061 aluminum plate and just about every other material including Stainless Steel Plate which is used extensively in industrial, technical, and medical manufacturing processes. Customers come from far and wide for precision Blanchard grinding, precision sawing, double-disc grinding, duplex milling, along with water jet cutting services. Just need metal? DIX Metals is a national aluminum plate distributor and stainless steel distributor. Responsive to its customers' needs, DIX Metals strives to be something more than a cost-effective resource - a long-term partner in your success. We can provide virtually any material or we can use customer-provided resources.

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Why DIX Metals Why DIX Metals
DIX Metals' sole focus is crafting precision, machine-ready blanks that save you time and money.

Process Tour Process Tour
Take a look inside DIX Metals' quality-controlled process and learn about its unrivalled capabilities.

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2016 Advanced Manufacturing Expo & Conference

May 4-5, 2016 in San Diego, CA

Pre-register today! Dix Metals will be at booth 730.

There are so many ways precision blanks can add value to your manufacturing process.
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Water Jet Cutting
For the most precise shaping and cutting, DIX Metals uses water jet cutting. Our state-of-the-art Waterjet channels water and abrasives through a Flow Cut Dynamic head to cut a variety of materials – including metal, glass and composites. The mixture of water and fine garnet is shot at up to 1,000 feet per second.

Stainless Steel Plate
Dix Metals increases stainless steel manufacturing efficiency for our customers by providing precision machine-ready-blanks from 303, 304, 304L, 316/316L and 17- 4PH stainless steel plate. Our precision machine-ready-blanks precision are created through a variety of processes including blanchard grinding, waterjet cutting, double disc grinding, flattening, finish improvement and sawing.

Blanchard Grinding
Blanchard grinding is best suited for single-sided material removal and grinding applications too large for double-disc grinding. When a substantial amount of material has to be removed, blanchard grinding proves to be the more cost-effective solution.
6061 Aluminum Plate
DIX does a considerable amount of work with 6061 aluminum plate. We purchase 6061 aluminum plate in huge quantities and pass the savings to you, helping ensure that using DIX Metals will always be cost-effective.
Aluminum Plate Distributor
DIX Metals is a full-service aluminum plate distributor. Through strategic partnerships with preferred carrier services, DIX Metals offers complete door-to-door, air and ground service for time-definite and just-in-time delivery.
Stainless Steel Distributor
As a premier stainless steel distributor, DIX Metals can provide just about any grade, size and configuration of stainless steel to fit your needs. DIX Metals wants to be a partner in your success.
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