A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate

A36 Steel Plate

DIX Metals, Inc. maintains an inventory of A36 hot rolled steel plate. Our hot rolled steel is available in sizes ranging from .190 to 1.500 inches thick. Whether you need steel that is DFARs, domestic or imported, DIX Metals can help.

A36 steel is a great option for customers who need an affordable, heavy duty metal. A36 steel can be welded and offers good machinability, and is an affordable alternative to stainless steel and aluminum plate. We have worked with customers in a variety of CNC machining applications, ranging from heavy duty equipment such as bulldozers to aerospace and medical applications. Our customers are based throughout the U.S.

Ground A36 Steel Plate

Steel Plate Services:

In addition to our inventory, DIX Metals offers a range of services for A36 steel, including:

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