A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate

A36 Steel Plate

DIX Metals, Inc. maintains an inventory of A36 hot rolled steel plate. This flat steel plate is available in sizes ranging from .190 to 1.500 inches thick and can be precision ground to your specifications. Whether you need steel that is DFARs, domestic or imported, DIX Metals can help. 

A36 steel is a great option for customers who need an affordable, heavy-duty metal. A36 steel can be welded and offers good machinability, and is an affordable alternative to stainless steel and aluminum plate. Because hot rolled steel is less labor intensive than cold formed products, it typically the most affordable option for our customers. Over time, we have worked with customers in a variety of CNC machining applications, ranging from heavy-duty equipment such as bulldozers to aerospace and medical applications. A36 steel is most commonly used in tooling and machine applications, especially machinery. At DIX Metals, we are able to ship hot rolled steel parts to customers throughout the U.S., from coast to coast. 

Ground A36 Steel Plate

Blanchard Grinding & Other Services

A36 steel is especially well-suited to Blanchard grinding. This grinding process can move a substantial amount of material quickly and efficiently. Many of our flat ground plate utilizes Blanchard graining because it is more cost-effective than other types of grinding. It is especially well suited for large parts such as mold plates, rotary tables or vacuum chambers.

In addition to our inventory, DIX Metals offers a range of services for A36 steel, including:

Mild Steel Properties:

A36 steel is very similar to ASTM 1018 steel, which is another mild low carbon steel. This steel grade is typically cold drawn and is sold in bar format. A36 steel, by contrast is sold as a steel plate and is most often hot rolled. From a cost perspective, 1018 steel requires more time and labor, which makes A36 a more cost-effective choice. At DIX Metals, we find that many customers seek us out looking for 1018 steel often use A36 as a more affordable plate material than 1018. 

Chemical Properties

A36 steel has similar chemical properties with differing mechanical properties.

Iron (Fe) 99% 98.81-99.26%
Carbon (C) 0.26% 0.18%
Manganese (Mn) 0.75% 0.6-0.9%
Phosphorus (P) - max 0.04% 0.04%
Sulfur (S) - max 0.05% 0.05%


Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength 58,000 psi 63,000 psi
Yield Strength 36,300 psi 53,700 psi
Elongation (50 mm) 20% 15%


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