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6061 Aluminum Plate

What is 6061 Aluminum Plate?

DIX Metals’ 6061 Aluminum T651 Plate is one of the most adaptable and popular aluminum alloys. This aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloy is strengthened by precipitation hardening offering excellent machinability, formability and weldability.

6061 aluminum plate is a medium strength alloy and is typically selected when welding or brazing is required or for its high corrosion resistance in all tempers. 6061 has excellent joining characteristics, good acceptance to anodizing and is easily cold worked and formed in the annealed condition.

DIX Metal’s 6061 plate has a T651 temper, indicating it has been solution heat treated followed by a minimal stretching to reduce stresses in the material. The aluminum was then artificially aged to allow the alloying elements to precipitate out of the material giving our 6061-T651 aluminum plate immediate maximum strength

What are the Applications for 6061 Plate?

Common applications that use 6061 plate include:

  • Aerospace components
  • Aircraft landing parts
  • Bridge railing components
  • Defense machinery
  • Energy plant parts
  • Heat exchangers
  • Marine vessels
  • Medical equipment
  • Storage tanks
  • Structural architectural parts
  • Tooling plate
  • Transportation equipment

All of our aluminum plates can be ground or milled to our customer’s exact specifications. DIX Metals also offers mill test reports on all our 6061-T651 aluminum plates. Additionally, we offer standard and non-standard thickness options for our 6061-T651 aluminum plates.

Thickness Range: 6061-T651 Aluminum – Standard Thickness Plate

  • Thickness range: 0.032” – 6”

Thickness range: 6061-T651 Aluminum – Non-Standard Thickness Plate

These dimensions reduce weight, machining time and lower your overall metal costs. Non-standard thicknesses include:

  • .270”
  • .437”
  • .563”
  • 1.063”
  • 1.125”
  • 1.375”
  • 1.625”
  • 2.75”

Chemical Composition Limits (WT%)

Silicon: 0.40-0.8

Iron: 0.7

Copper: 0.15-0.40

Manganese: 0.15

Magnesium: 0.8-1.2

Chromium: 0.04-0.35

Zinc: 0.25

Titanium: 0.15

Others, each: 0.05

Others, total: 0.15

Balance, Aluminum


Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength (KSI): 45

Yield Strength (KSI) 40

Elongation (%): 17

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