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Dix Metals offers aluminum cast plate stock in a variety of alloys and configurations, including 6061-T651, 7075-T651, 2024-T351 and Alpase K100S cast aluminum tooling plate. Aluminum plate, which runs from .2500 inches and up, is commonly used in aerospace, semiconductor, medical, defense, energy and industrial applications. All of our aluminum plate can be ground or milled to your exact specifications. To order your plate, please request a quote today. 

6061-T651 Aluminum-
Standard Thickness Plate

6061-T651 aluminum cast plate stock offers good machinability, weldability and corrosion resistance. 

  • Thickness range: 0.032” - 6”
  • Mill test reports available

6061-T651 Aluminum Plate -
Non-standard Thickness

Mill test reports are available. These dimensions reduce weight, machining time and lower your overall metal costs. Non-standard thicknesses include:

  • .270"
  • .437”
  • .563"
  • 1.063"
  • 1.125”
  • 1.375”
  • 1.625"
  • 2.75”

7075-T651 Plate

7075 plate is a high-strength alloy that offers superior corrosion resistance. It is often used in critical applications such as the aerospace industry. 

  • Standard thickness 7075-T651 aluminum plate
  • Mill test reports available
  • Thickness ranges: 0.125” through 6”

2024-T351 Plate

  • Standard thickness 2024-T351
  • Mill test reports available
  • Thickness ranges: 0.125” through 1.500”

Alpase K100S Cast Aluminum Tooling Plate

  • Standard thickness tolerances of +/-.005”
  • Thickness ranges: 0.25” through 1.000”

Water Jet Cut & Ground Aluminum Plate

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