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Dix Metals

14801 Able Ln.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Phone: 800-477-4349
Fax: 714-677-0800
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When some companies say they are “cost-effective,” they usually mean inexpensive. For DIX Metals, it’s about net savings for our customers. DIX Metals can prepare blanks for precision machining faster and for less money than it would cost most facilities to do in-house. This represents a substantial reduction in money and time expenditure for you.


While DIX Metals also produces common sizes of blanks ready for machining, our forte lies in the ability to create custom blanks. We work with virtually any material in any size, and your specifications can be met with tolerances as close as 0.001”. We are able to cater to the unique needs of practically any industry, from aerospace to medical.


DIX Metals focuses on preparing precision blanks. An enormous investment has been made in the purchase and improvement of machinery specifically designed to precision-grind materials for machine-ready blanks. The company does not do any final machining and never competes with its customers.

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