Line Graining & Brushed Finish Graining Services

Line Graining

Some customers require a uniform surface finish. This can be accomplished through line graining, also known as brushed finish graining, services. But, what is line graining, or brushed finish graining? Line Graining, or brushed finish graining, removes stock from machine-ready blanks using coated abrasives. Here at DIX Metals, we are capable of producing brushed finish aluminum and brushed finished stainless steel. Whatever metal alloy you have in mind, we can create a brushed finish to it! The process produces a directional pattern on metal surfaces that enhances appearance and adds to ease of handling.

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Allowing Dix Metals to perform line graining, or brushed finish graining, is an excellent way to preserve valuable, in-house manufacturing time, which is why it is called a "timesaver" in the industry. We can quickly remove coarse metal surfaces and provide a clean and polished appearance to your machine-ready blanks for a truly finished look. To get started, request a quote today!


We provide also provide flattening and surface improvement services for the following materials:

  • Raw metal
  • Ferrous or non-ferrous metals
  • Tool steels
  • Cast iron
  • Mold plate
  • Copper
  • Virtually any material

Line Grain Finish 80 Grit Line Grain Finish 120 Grit Line Grain Finish 320 Grit

Line Graining & Brushed Finish Graining Services Video

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