Aluminum Flattening & Stainless Steel Straightening Services

Manufacturers and machine shops tasked with producing products within very tight tolerances cannot use material that involves any guesswork. At DIX Metals, we pride ourselves on producing stainless steel straightening and aluminum flattening to very precise thicknesses, along with other various metals. We operate a variety of flattening presses for stock aluminum plate up to 1” thick. With the in-house capability of tackling material up to 50” wide, we can produce a large variety of materials, including stainless steel or aluminum plates in the dimensions and precise tolerances you need.

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Flattening & Surface Improvement Services

Press flattening is a cold-forming process in which metal plates and sheets are flattened by way of a pressing machine. This can bring out-of-flat material into the precise tolerance needed. The result: more precise material that will be easier to fabricate, mill, and cut during your manufacturing processes.

To better serve our customers, we have built out our manufacturing facility with a diverse range of equipment to provide you with the aluminum flattening and stainless steel straightening services you need – as well as flattening and straightening services on other various metals – with a range of hydraulic presses ranging from 25 to 30 tons and 24” to 50” in width.

Need to upgrade the surface of your material? For surface improvement, our technicians can also apply a brush finish on materials to 16 Ra. We provide machine-ready blanks with flattening and surface improvement to a wide range of industries, so request a quote today!

What types of industries need aluminum flattening & stainless steel straightening services?

  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Semiconductor
  • Energy
  • Food Processing
  • Transportation

DIX Metals’ flattening and straightening services are applicable on various metals, for any of the industries listed above.

Advantages of DIX Metals Flattening & Straightening Services:

  • Wider/bigger machines, such as pressing machines and hydraulic presses
  • Can take projects up to 50" wide

Learn more about DIX Metals' line graining services, aka brushed finish graining services, as well!

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