Bridge Milling Services

Bridge Milling

What is Bridge Milling?

Bridge milling is ideal for machining large precision machine-ready blanks. Our Viper bridge milling system can accommodate pieces up to 77" x 84" utilizing vacuum hold technology.

What is the Viper Bridge Milling System?

The Viper uses a strong Meehanite casting and large ball screw assemblies for extreme rigidity and precision. AC servo-units offer high torque and are directly linked to the ball screws that move the axes at high speed and with great precision. With power to spare, the Viper makes quick work of both small and large projects. These features are primary reasons why Dix Metals selected this bridge milling system as a vital component of our shop equipment. 

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What materials are used for the Viper Bridge Milling System?

Our Viper bridge milling system is used for the following materials:

Which industries are applicable to use Bridge Milling Services?

Dix Metals provides bridge milling services to a wide range of industries, including commercial, transportation, electronics, construction and architecture, medical, defense, oil and gas exploration, aerospace, packaging and others requiring the highest quality product available.

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