Huntington Beach, CA. – March 18, 2010: DIX Metals, in conjunction with G2 Graphics of North Hollywood was responsible for the production of the Michael Jackson “This is It” Movie Premiere invitations this past fall, the company announced today. The one-of-a-kind invitations were designed by G2 who in turn called on DIX to create the inner portion of the invites out of aluminum using Waterjet technology. The end result was a truly spectacular presentation.

“It was a challenge to develop 2,000 invitations for this movie premiere in such a short period of time said Randy Hill of G2 Graphics. “We knew we had to deliver something truly unique and once we decided on the concept, it didn’t seem feasible within our timeframe as the core component was a custom cut piece of metal,” he added.

Seeking a partner to produce the aluminum plate invitations, Hill tapped DIX Metals Waterjet Cutting department who in turn worked around the clock to get the job done and delivered in time to mail.

“Without our waterjet machines, we couldn’t have done this job”, said Jon David Nutter, General Manager of DIX Metals. “The invitation required very intricate cutting and we had a very short deadline – the waterjet process worked extremely well and I’m really pleased with the end result on this project,” he added.

Nutter explained that waterjet cutting, as the name implies, uses a high pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive material to blast its way through various metals including stainless steel, aluminum plate, stone, glass and composites with near net accuracy, virtually eliminating secondary finish machining.

DIX Metals facility includes two Flow International® Abrasive Waterjets which feature active tolerance control with the capability to cut parts up to four times faster than conventional water jet cutting machines. The Flow Cut Dynamic head machine delivers over 50,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) and the Flow Cut Dual head machine cuts with 87,000 PSI providing reduced part costs through precise, time-saving efficiencies while providing cuts with a superior edge quality.

DIX Metals is a large metal distributer offering technologically advanced Sawing, Shearing, Waterjet Cutting, Duplex Milling, Grinding, Milling and Finishing operations. DIX provides an array of metals in various alloys and sizes and the firm specializes in providing machine-ready blanks in preparation for final machining and manufacturing. The core of DIX client base consists of machine shops and original equipment manufacturers while also serving firms within Automotive and Automotive Aftermarket industries, Home Builders and Architects, Aerospace, Military, Race Car Component Builders, Medical Device Makers, Sign Manufacturers and Commercial Packaging and Display Makers.

DIX Metals has long been a proponent of Green Initiatives, as all scrap material from is collected and recycled. Even the Garnet which is the abrasive material used in the waterjet cutting process is recycled for future use, making DIX Metals operations one of the greenest of its kind.

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