Companies from across the nation and internationally are turning to DIX Metals for Waterjet Cutting services and are going “Green” in the process.

"The advantages of Waterjet cutting are numerous, but it starts with our ability to maximize material usage through tight nesting which lowers the cost per part and saves valuable natural resources in the process” explains Bob Dix Sr., President and CEO of DIX Metals. “Manufacturers are reaping cost-saving benefits by hiring us to prepare precision, machine-ready blanks enabling them to quickly manufacture parts with little preparation time required. Dix delivers blanks according to exact customer specifications, reducing time, labor and cost", he added.

Using Flow International's Waterjet Machines, Dix machine-ready blanks are produced with taper being all but eliminated. Additionally, water jet cutting eliminates heat affected zones; enabling true part stacking ability with consistent tolerance, layer to layer.

These benefits, coupled with excellent edge quality, create efficiencies and cost savings per part that are unmatched by any other cutting system or method according to Dix.

The demand for highly accurate and cost-efficient machine-ready blanks is growing. While DIX Metals caters to machine shops and OEMs, other clients include Automotive and Automotive Aftermarket, Home Builders and Architects, Aerospace, Military, Race Car Component Builders – NASCAR, Medical Device Makers, Sign Manufacturers, Commercial Packaging and Display Makers.

DIX Metals Flow International Waterjet cutting equipment features active tolerance control with the capability to cut parts up to four times faster than conventional water jet cutting machines.

The Flow Cut Dynamic head machine in the DIX facility delivers over 50,000 PSI. This powerful Abrasive Waterjet unit provides incredible cutting tolerances from any CAD file.

A second FLOW machine features a dual head, which cuts with 87,000 PSI - greatly reducing cutting times while increasing cutting capacity.

All scrap material from DIX Metals is collected and recycled. Even the Garnet which is the abrasive material used in the waterjet cutting process is recycled for future use, making DIX Metals cutting and grinding operations one of the greenest of its kind.

For more information about DIX Metals and/or the cost and environment benefits associated with waterjet cutting please contact DIX Metals.

DIX Metals is a privately held firm and has been operating for 27 years with headquarters in Huntington Beach, California. The company is a full-service stainless steel and aluminum plate distributor. services provided by DIX include: Blanchard GrindingDouble-Disc GrindingDuplex MillingWaterjet Cutting and Surface Improvement, all for the creation of precision, machine-ready blanks.